Our Vision

Our Vision

  • This is a youth Congress. It was founded out of the urgency of our toxic environment in our current society. Most children/millennium suffer from anger, depression, taking drugs, unemployment, and not being focused.
  • Dame Munni Irone presented the concept to her Intellectual Global Peace Leaders. Pleasantly, everyone agrees and understands pandemic 2020. Our global leaders' vision is to give tools to the youth.
  • We want to assist them with their purpose and become love, then only they can contribute and stay self-reliant. We envision, making them a better human in their field of profession.
  • Our youth members of WWYC will become independent and not depend on anyone, be free, have financial success, and become content.
  • We want to give youth a voice, express themselves, and help them brand themselves. Our youth will change the world!
  • We also want to mentor them to become non-political, do smart business, and live a content life.

Exultant citizens pay more taxes. Sick citizens are an economic stress on the country.

  • We want them to learn to live a life of non-violence, learn smart business, wisdom, love, and peace.
  • We understand life, and we are planning on saving as many youths as we can. Our global peace leaders will leave their legacy for the youth to make a change.
  • We plan to hold constant educational seminars and workshops with her global team. Our focus is on making sure our members achieve physical, mental, economic, and emotional success.
  • Our members are volunteering for these positions. The president and vice president of each country are allowed to raise funds to run their own office, cabinet, and Congress. Our head office will have the right to audit books.
  • OWYC is not liable for any fraud an individual may cause in a foreign country. However, we will take legal action, according to their country by laws. As long as they keep the books clean, there will be no issues, WWYC will have the right to audit their books, and any fraud will be persecuted in their country or International supreme court judge for WWYC. We have a clean record and want to maintain the integrity of Art 4 Peace Awards Organization.
  • If our member innocently goes to jail, we will have the right to defend them.

We don't need to be violent. Together, you'll all be part of this great Art 4 Peace Awards' (Beverly Hills) brand.

Worldwide Youth Congress

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