Our Mission

Our Mission


The Art 4 Peace Awards is a 5013c non-profit organization Identification Number: 47-3861263. We are a non-political and non-religious organization and Registered in 2015.

The first Art 4 Peace international conference took place in New Jersey. 34 countries ambassadors had attended the conference, and the mayor of New Jersey, Mr. Chris Christie, signed a declaration that it was a historical event for his city. So far, funding has been done by Dame Munni Irone, and she intentionally created it to fulfill her purpose in life.

We stand for wisdom, smart business, love, and peace. What has ART4PEACEAWARDS.ORG accomplished in such a short time without a website ready for WORLDWIDE YOUTH CONGRESS

  • Our logo was done just in the first week.
  • We are in 8 countries
  • Over 912 youths joined just by Dame Munni Irone in social media announcements
  • We have a tremendous number of global teams in place for the Art 4 Peace Awards
  • Art 4 Peace Awards organization has a long history of serving and we are in the right place to make a positive impact.
  • Bylaws are written

We believe that since our intentions are selfless and we are manifesting goodness and prosperity, our youth will not have to find themselves engaging in violence, chaos or looting.

We are displaying that many people love them. We also understand in life no matter how good you are, someone will try and bring you down, throw their trash and emotions on you because they may feel jealous, want to be like you or they don’t even know why. We will send them our love. It is not our issue. We are kind and compassionate. Our youth will learn how to deal with this kind of negative energy. We are aiming to achieve the top score. The rest is in the divine’s hand.

Parents, come join and have your children be a part of this amazing community. It is an excellent place for these children and millenniums to find their purpose and excel in life.

Worldwide Youth Congress

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