Our Mission

Our Mission


The Art 4 Peace Awards is a 5013c non-profit organization Identification Number: 47-3861263. We are a non-political and non-religious organization and Registered in 2015.

The first Art4Peaceawards international conference took place in New Jersey. 34 countries ambassadors attended the conference, and the mayor of New Jersey, Mr. Chris Christie, signed a declaration that it was a historical event for his city. So far, funding has been done by Dame Munni Irone, and she intentionally created it to fulfill her purpose in life.


Mission Statement

Worldwide Youth Congress was formed out of urgency to have a voice during this pandemic.

We are presenting ideas and suggestions to policy makers and leaders, in order to influence global social, economic, physical and emotional changes in society.

We are non-patrician, non-religious and non-violent and will make successful changes, we have over 100 professional mentors with long track records in different walks of life.

Our focus is on: heart development, smart business, tourism and healing.

The World Wide Youth Congress is a shadow government for youth, which stands for nonviolence, non-politics, creating jobs, tourism, wisdom, smart business, love and peace. We are creating conscience and smart, contributing youths.

They will be the leaders of tomorrow and learn how to run their government.

Why Should you Join Us?

We are a global peace organization promoting economic growth.

  • 1. Connecting people globally.
  • 2. Hundreds of people join daily.
  • 3. People are making millions of dollars in commerce through our global platform.
  • 4. Helping youth with branding.
  • 5. Helping youths find their purpose and become conscience leaders of tomorrow.

But how can you define peace?

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”
― Albert Einstein

“Internal Peace does come by talking or pretending, it has to be earned by living it.”
― Dame Munni Irone

Peace, is a concept of societal friendship and harmony in the absence of hostility and violence. In a social sense, peace is commonly used to mean a lack of conflict. Throughout history we have seen leaders use various methods to bring an end to conflicts. But the ones achieved through non-violence and talks have lasted much longer than the others.

Art4peaceawards.org has six movie projects in the pipeline, but the movie FREEDOM?? is in production, this is a true story about the deliverance of Ghana without violence. Join us, invest or donate, it is your choice.

We strongly believes that today’s youth will bring a conscience to society. Deficiency of conscience in society brings darkness to the world. We also strongly believe that peace cannot prevail if the youth have no job, he/she is surrounded by drugs, he has no good health.


The founder has been successful in her beauty school students. According to Dame Munni Irone, “During my coaching with youth from affluent families and unfortunate families, both sides have identical issues, addiction, frustration, anxiety, suicidal and the list is long. It is not about finances! Our global educational system and religious institutions have flopped to give them tools to sustain their existence.” We have it all for all faiths. This is home for you and your children to grow, financially, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and psychologically.

Our Mission as the Most Active World Organization for Peace

As an Organization for World Peace, we are going to make the youth strong with the real truth about life. We can mentor them and provide the necessary support to be smart and confident. With our training he can gain leadership skills with conscience, which he can use to bring in further change to a conscience society.

With our presence as ambassadors of the World Organization for Peace, we provide leadership, jobs, and small business opportunities. With our numerous ongoing projects, the youth can enhance their profile. We believe that an employed, satisfied and at peace.

We believe that since our intentions are selfless and we are manifesting goodness and prosperity, our youth will not have to find themselves engaging in violence, chaos or looting.

We are displaying that many people love them. We also understand in life no matter how good you are, someone will try and bring you down, throw their trash and emotions on you because they may feel jealous, want to be like you or they don’t even know why. We will send them our love. This is not our issue. We are kind and compassionate. Our youth will learn how to deal with this kind of negative energy. We are aiming to achieve the top score. The rest is in the divine’s hand.

Parents, come join us and have your children be a part of this amazing community. It is an excellent place for these children and millenniums to find their purpose and excel in life.

Worldwide Youth Congress

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