ART 4 PEACE AWARDS served as a Global Peace Organization since 2015 and has earned its international presence.

Out of urgency, Dame Munni Irone decided with her global team to have a Worldwide Youth Congress to voice the youth.

Youth Voices Matter

As prominent and most active leaders at large, we provide leadership, jobs, small business opportunities, and big companies to enhance their profile and management for the Global Peace Organization's diverse portfolio of peace building and international development work. We have numerous projects. Dame Munni Irone's strong leadership is reflected in the planning and convening of Global Peace Leadership.

Our Global Peace Team Believes

  • No Jobs, No Peace
  • No Health, No Peace
  • Where There Is Stress, No Peace
  • When Angry, No Peace
  • No Family, No Peace
  • No Contribution, No Peace
  • When Drugs Addiction, No Peace
  • When Conflict Is Present, No Peace
  • No Faith, No Inner Peace
  • When We Self-Care, We Have Peace
  • Positive Affirmation, We Have Peace
  • Positive Thoughts, We Have Peace
  • Meditation and Peace is the Core Of my Existence.----------Dame Munni Irone

Our special gratitude to Dame Munni Irone's brother Ambassador. Dusty came up with the name. "WORLDWIDE YOUTH CONGRESS.'

Ambassador Greg S. Ried is responsible for creating the logo for the World Wide Youth Congress Uniform

She has worked in the non-profit sector for ART 4PEACE PEACE AWARDS, and it was sponsored only by her. Now 2020, she needs your support to make this a great success.

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Worldwide Youth Congress

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