Qualifications To Join OWYC

Any children who are 11 to 45 years old millennium will have the opportunity to join as a member and register for the position or subject you would be interested in making a change. Or become a leader to play this role: You are permitted to raise your funds; you need to enroll at least 50 individuals to run for professional office. We highly recommend getting people smarter than you. We will mentor every member to grow their potential for leadership, public speaking, and understanding oflife.

The ministry of the judicial department of WWYC will have to judge if the person is guilty. The action will take place by the decision of the international jury.

Every year, ministries and leaders submit their accounting to the head office in the U.S. ministry of judicial law.

Requirement For the Leadership Role for WWYC

Leader who has a profession or job or business he will select

  • Advisers
  • Director of Strategy and Communications.
  • Director of Policy
  • Director of Strategic Communications.
  • Political Secretary
  • Deputy commissioner

(Three accountants to keep a check-in-balance.)

The president and vice president have raised funds from their country. As we are based on volunteer service, suppose they want a salary and pay the staff, the U.S. headquarters will manage its budget, just like other countries. Each will file their taxes, and a copy will be recorded at the U.S. headquarters. We want to do good work and want to keep our books clean.

Do we want to see what an individual is capable of doing? Yes.

  • An individual needs to speak and understand basic English.
  • An individual needs to have a profession; if they are a student, they can understudy under a professional and work side by side with a career or making successful trade as a sole proprietor or partnership.
  • An individual needs to decide what category of ministry they want? We have a list of ministries. Best to go through when your heart beats for something that is the best for you.
  • "Don't be afraid, you Mama Munni Irone, and her team are there to hold your hand and lead you. Believe that it is your family; you are not connecting with cold commercial people."
  • They will need to register a minimum of 50+ members. Why? They will need these members for their ministry and elections. Or they can just be a member.
  • Based on their 6 months performance, an election will be conducted between them in their country. After the leader registered 50+ members, The head office members will vote on the leaders' performance, and we will have an online debate among the leaders to get the nomination to become a president, a vice president, and the world.
  • Each country will have its own President, Vice- President, speaker = and other members.
    A. House of Representatives
    B. Congress
  • Youth will be passing laws and legislation based on their benefit and concern.
  • Opportunities to have an appearance in front of the government teach them a conscience. We are anticipating the impact of many youths. These youths will impact their parents, and their parents will affect the country. Some people will find it impossible to change.

Our approach is fact-based; Dame Munni Irone has traveled the world and continues to do so. We want to be realistic about our goals. We will make amendments for the whole year as we move forward with our global leaders. You can be part of this process. WorldWide YOUTH CONGRESS is for you; own it!

The ONE WORLD YOUTH CONGRESS divides the federal government into three branches to make sure no individual or group will have too much power:
Legislative - Makes laws (Congress, comprised of the House of Representatives and Senate)
Executive - Carries out laws (president, vice-president, Cabinet, most federal agencies)
Judicial - Evaluates laws (Supreme Court and other courts)

Each branch of OWYC can change the acts of the other branches:

  • The president can veto legislation created by Congress to nominate heads of federal agencies.
  • Congress confirms or rejects the president& it's nominees and can remove the president from office in exceptional circumstances.
  • The Justices of the Supreme Court, which can overturn unconstitutional laws, are nominated by The president and confirmed by the Senate.
  • This ability of each branch to respond to the other branches' actions is called the system of checks and balances.
  • Legislative Branch of the WWYC
  • The legislative branch drafts proposed laws that confirm or reject presidential nominations for heads of federal agencies, federal judges, and the Supreme Court and has the authority to declare war

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