About Our Ministers

About Our Ministers

  • We want to maintain the integrity of our organization. Dame Munni Irone has worked hard. Let's keep her 40 years of legacy going.
  • The members would be productive-citizens of the world and their country. They would understand the democratic government.
  • They will have one of the best networks. We will give a recommendation to their college to get admission to the top colleges. We intend to provide business and job opportunities.
  • They will have numerous opportunities to work with the top leaders and awaken others' conscience.
  • Unique I.D.s will be issued to proudly represent access to too many events we're going to be working with multiple companies and airlines so our members will have discounts. Since WWYC was just formed on Oct 18, 2020, we are giving ourselves two years, which might be less; we never know because we are already in eight countries and have 803 members. Join us to grow with us and have fun with our global family.


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