About Our Ministers

About Our Ministers



1.                   You need to be 45 or under. 

               Please see the drop button to select out of the 38 ministry positions.

2.                  You need to have a basic understanding of English. 

3.                  The minister and cabinet members have uniforms. The minister with a red tie and cabinet member with a blue tie.  Both will wear dark navy blue suits. You can order directly with the vendor. If you have white shirts then you don't to purchase.  You wear a uniform for social appearances you will be making. You will wear it with pride. As you will be meeting with world leaders. Please email us your bio at info@worldwideyouthcongress.net for approval once you have signed in on the website.

4.                  Select the one your heart really wants. This will help you find your purpose.  If you're a student or busy working don’t worry we got you covered. 

5.          If you an issue and have a solution, we will get you to meet with any leader to get your voice heard. We are already working with them.       

6.                  All you need is to have an online meeting once a month online meeting. 

7.                       If you’re busy and not able to hold the meeting, your vice president and your other cabinet members can take your place to hold the meeting on your behalf.

8.                   If not, we have one project for you.

9.              If you have a project talk to us and we will help you fulfill it. 

10.            The minister selects his cabinet members and nominates them for different designations.

11.            A minister is obligated to have 50 cabinet members and make sure these members are smarter than you. Try to get lawyers, doctors, business people, engineers. You will learn how to run your cabinet. You need these professionals and there is no age limit. 

12.            Ministers can terminate any member, but the cabinet members have to vote over 70%.

13.            We want our project to start and finish. We are not talkers and we are smart doers and servers. You can create a whatsapp or telegram group and we will lead you.   Being in this position will help you find your purpose and satisfaction for your soul.  We have global contacts with top country leaders.

14.            We are non-political and non-religious because we are smart to understand that with non-violence we can do our work.

15.            If you desire to become a politician?  Will it be easy for you? YES. Because you’re going to learn and experience how to run your cabinet? 

·    How to be a team player?

·    How to be a conscious leader?

·    Are you going to have an election next year in May, we will keep you posted. 

·    You need all these people around to  finish your project.

16.            Nobody is going to say no to the minister of Worldwideyouthcongress because we are unique and they have the brand to serve. 

17.            Do you want to get into business? Talk to us.

18.            We have numerous university partnerships.

19.            We have constant job openings.

20.            With our app you’ll be able to do tremendous work and you can send us news that will help your brand.

21.            You’re going have your ID, you can order directly with our vendor.  which will allow you to get quite a few perks.

Just consider today as your lucky day if you get accepted as a minister. The rest of your friends and family can join as local members.

22.            Depending on the project you are doing, we will lead you.

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